Timbersbrook to Rushton Spencer (7 miles)

This walk begins in the car park at Timbersbrook on Weathercock Lane. Take the footpath off Tunstall Road up to the summit of The Cloud. Follow the footpath down the hill to Red Lane and turn left and then right onto the South Stafordshire and Gritstone Trail.

Follow the footpath/track to Raven's Clough and turn right just before the farm. This leads through a wooded valley and then out into rather soggy fields. Take the steps up to the old railway line path and turn right. Turn right at Nether Lee and take the steep footpath up to Askerbank Lane. This footpath leads up to a house garden. There are stone steps into the garden. These are hard to see and not well signposted. Once up the steps turn right along the boundary of the garden and then left along the fence exiting into Askerbank Lane.

Turn right at Askerbank Lane and a little way up the road, just before it takes a sharp left, the footpath ahead is well hidden in a hedge just to the left of a drive. Follow the footpath to Beat Lane and turn left. Walk up the hill and turn right and then right again onto Dial Lane. A little way along here turn right past a big house to see the remains of a long barrow burial chamber. Return to Dial Lane and turn right. Take the footpath on the right just a little further along past Dial Lane Farm. This runs along a small brook and exits at Tunstall Road. Turn right at Tunstall Road and then straight ahead into Weathercock Lane and back to the start of the walk.