St Olaf's Chapel & Alleyways in Pownall Park (1.8 miles)

This interesting walk through Pownall Park takes in Carnival Fields and St. Olaf's Chapel which was built by the Boddington Family. Sadly, it is now just a ruin. Some of this route follows public footpaths through the Pownall Park area which are now are pretty much back alleys through the area.

Start on Hawthorn Lane at the intersection of Old Orchard Road. The path is clearly marked. Take the footpath to Carnival Fields an area of open land sometimes used for fairs and other events. Continue past the allotments into Gorsey Road. Turn left here and then right into College Close.

At the end of College Close turn left along a short and badly maintained footpath into Priory Road. Turn right here and right again at Kings Road. After a short distance turn right into Broadwalk and then left along the footpath. There are some interesting old houses along this pathway.

Keep to the footpath, crossing a small road, until reaching Carrwood Road. Turn left here and then right along the track just before Wilmslow Rugby Club. This footpath leads into The Carrs park.

Once in The Carrs take the footpath immediately to the right through the woods. If you reach the bridge over the River Bollin you have gone too far. After a short walk take the steps on the right leading up the steep wooded slope. This path can be tricky to navigate as it is steep in places and not well maintained. It can be very slippery and muddy after rainfall and it's probably a good idea not to tackle it on your own in bad weather. Turn left at the top of the steps and follow the path to St. Olaf's Chapel which is surrounded by Yew trees. Nearby is a large stone with an inscription which reads, "The oak tree near this stone was grown by Henry Boddington, J.P. of Pownall Hall, an ardent and original Director of Manchester Ship Canal 1885-1892 who carried home the first sod cut by Lord Egerton at Eastham in 1889 and planted an acorn in it."

Continue along the path through the woods and turn right at the end of the path back out into Hawthorn Lane and back to the start of the walk.