Rotherwood Road to Lindow Moss (3.3 miles)

This is a short walk around Lindow Moss. The area became famous when Lindow Man was discovered by peat cutters in August 1984. The footpath skirts the edge of Lindow Moss where peat is still extracted. There is a Lindow Moss website here and you can find information about Lindow Man here. This route keeps to the public footpaths, but there are many unofficial routes across the moss.

At the end of Rotherwood Road (actually a track) take a left to Rossmere. You can take the footpath around Rossmere if you are so inclined and rejoin the path at Saltersley Farm. Turn left at Saltersley Hall Farm and across the top end of the moss. This is a very attractive part of the walk. You may want to wander around the area off the footpath at this point. On your return to the footpath continue on towards Moor Lane. Turn left at Moor Lane and back to the start of the walk at Rotherwood Road.