Redesmere To Capesthorn Hall (3.3 miles)

This walk begins in the car park on Redesmere Lane. Take the footpath on the left off Redesmere Lane and across the fields past the boat club. In spring there are delightful patches of bluebells along this stretch. Carry on until the end of the mere and carefully cross the A34. After a little while, on your right, you will see the splendid sight of Capesthorn Hall across the Lake. This is a great place to have a picnic in the summer.

Continue on across Mill Lane, behind Park Farm, back onto Mill Lane and then turn right following the footpath until you arrive at Snape Brook. This is a beautiful wooded section along a steep ravine and is full of bluebells in the spring. The footpath runs into a track and this leads back to Congleton Road. Take a right here and then left back to Redesmere Lane and the car park. If you are lucky you can buy an ice cream whilst enjoying the view of the mere and the many the ducks and swans.