Prestbury To Mottram St Andrew (7.4 miles)

This is a delightful walk beginning in the pretty village of Prestbury. Park in the main Springfields car park off New Road. Walk back onto New Road and turn right towards the village centre and take the footpath on the right directly before the River Bollin. Follow the footpath out of the village along the River Bollin and turn left over the footbridge towards Spittle House and then Woodend Farm. Cross Greendale Lane and enjoy the view of the small ponds and of Woodend Farm beyond. Continue along the footpath towards Legh Hall turning left and then right down to Wilmslow Road.

Cross Wilmslow Road into a track with Hunter’s Pool Farm on your left. Turn right onto the footpath that runs along the bottom of some large gardens. The route of the footpath is a little confusing here and it's easy to end up in a back garden, so keep to the left until you arrive at Priest Lane. Turn left towards Mottram St Andrew.

Once into Mottram St Andrew, Priest Lane becomes Alderley Road. Follow Alderley Road in the direction of Alderley Edge and turn left between two houses into a small park. Keep to the right of the park along the hedge and follow the footpath through the hedge and across a small brook and then up the hill to Danielhill Wood. Turn left and continue through some lovely woodland to Hare Hill. Be careful to turn right towards Hare Hill through Alder Wood. If you arrive at Oak Road you have missed the right turn.

Hare Hill is managed by the National Trust. When Hare Hill is open to the public visit its famous walled garden. Leave Hare Hill by the small road and turn left into Chelford Road.

Follow Chelford Road for a short while and turn right onto the footpath just before Greenbank Farm. Follow the route towards Big Wood, cross a small stream and continue towards Fallibroome Farm. Just before the farm take the footpath left towards Summerhill Road. Cross Summerhill Road and turn right then left and follow the footpath into Prestbury Golf Course. Cross a driveway on the golf course and turn right, then left down the footpath towards Chelford Road. Turn right at Chelford road and then back to Prestbury Village. At the junction, turn left into New Road and back towards the start of the walk.