North Wilmslow Road Walk (5 Miles)

Begin this Walk on Holly North and continue up to Wilmslow High School. Keep straight ahead through the school gates, along the road, and turn left just before the railway line down the public footpath. A little while on the right take the footbridge over the bypass and then turn left into Land Lane. Continue down to Macclesfield Road and cross into Wilmslow Park South. Follow the road over the River Bollin and up the hill towards Adlington Road and Turn left.

Turn left at Chapel Road and stop to have a look around Jenkins Chapel. Turn left onto Dean Row Road and continue to the large roundabout and turn left and continue until reaching the railway line past the shops on the right. Turn left onto the public footpath which runs alongside the railway line and continue until reaching the footbridge on the right over the railway, just after a small playing field on the left. Follow the footpath to Manchester Road and turn left and walk along the road into the centre of Wilmslow. Turn left back into Holly Road North and back to the start of the walk.