Noahs Ark Lane to Carter Lane (5.6 miles)

Turn into the drive of Noahwood House and exit on the left just before meeting the house through a small gate. Walk around the front of the house and follow the path to the right past Springfields and into Warford Lane. Turn right along Warford Lane and then left across the golf course.

Once through the golf course turn right and follow the footpath to Merryman's Lane keeping the hedge on your right. Turn right at Merryman's Lane and follow this pleasant lane until meeting the footpath on the left towards Chelford Road. Turn right at Chelford Road. This length of the road has sections with no pavement, so go carefully. Turn right into Lomas Bottoms and follow the path until Firtree Farm along Carter Lane.

Turn right at the footpath towards Peck Mill Farm and follow the path past the David Lewis Centre to Mill Lane. Cross Mill Lane and turn right, then left, along the footpath towards Ancoats Lane. This leads through a small housing estate. Keep to the left along Ancoats Lane and then turn right at the bend in the road and follow the footpath across fields back to Noahs Ark Lane. Turn right at Noahs Ark Lane and back to the start of the walk.