Moor Lane to Mobberley Golf Course (3.9 miles)

Walk past the garden centre on Moor Lane and follow the road past Barlow House Farm. Turn right along the footpath towards Lindow Farm. Keep right on the footpath and head towards Saltersley Moss Nature Reserve. Turn left along the footpath towards Saltersley Farm. This crosses Lindow Moss along a very pleasant route.

Turn left at Saltersley Farm and after a short distance take the footpath on the left. Cross some fields with Hollingee Farm on the right and enter Mobberley Golf Course. Take the footpath towards Graveyard Lane. Cross Graveyard Lane and follow the footpath immediately ahead. Cross two fileds and turn left towards Moss Lane. Turn left at Moss Lane and then right at Ivy House Farm. Follow the small drive and cross the stile into fields. Follow the path to Moor Lane. Turn left at Moor Lane. There are some Alpaca farms along this road. Continue past the Plough and Flail Pub or stop off if you fancy a drink and something to eat.

Turn right along the footpath after the Plough and Flail pub and turn left into Clay Lane. Turn right at Moor Lane and back to the start of the walk.