Mobberley to Paddockhill Lane (5.4 miles)

This walk starts on Faulkner's Lane in Mobberley. Take the Lane towards Coppock House and turn left back to Faulkner's Lane and then turn right towards the Frozen Mop Pub. Continue on until reaching Pedley House Farm and turn left along the footpath.

Follow the footpath to Ancoats Road and turn right. Continue to Warford Lane and turn left. After a very short walk, turn left and follow the footpath towards Noahs Ark Lane and then turn right and follow the road. At a bend in the road, a short distance on, follow the footpath on the left towards Knutsford Road.

Take the footpath directly across Knutsford Road through Yewtree Farm and towards Paddockhill Lane. Turn left and follow the road into Moss Lane and take the footpath back to Knutsford Road. Cross Knutsford Road and slightly to the left pass through a doorway through a brick barn and take the footpath ahead to Faulkner's Lane. Turn right along the footpath and arrive back at the start of the walk.