Mobberley to Mountpleasant Farm (3.8 miles)

Start near St Wilfred's Church in Mobberley on Church Lane. Take the footpath towards Town Lane. Two paths intersect here, take the one on the right.. Take the path to Town Lane and then turn right. Cross the road and then take the footpath on the left and follow the path towards Glevehouse Farm. Turn right before Glevehouse Farm following the footpath and then cross a track. Continue to Pedley brook and turn left and further along turn right and then left along the footpath towards Mountpleasant Farm. Turn left just before Mountpleasant Farm and on past Warford Grange Farm on the right. Walk along the track and take the footpath directly ahead, past a pool on the left, and continue onto Coppock House.

Turn left in the drive of Coppock House towards Dam Head Farm and turn right at Mill Lane. Cross Town Lane and take the footpath directly ahead towards the church and back to the start of the walk.