Harden Park Area (3.8 miles)

Start from the roundabout on the A34 bypass where it crosses Alderley Road. Take the footpath into Harden Park around the field to the railway bridge. Once through the bridge, the landscape opens out to a park-like area with a small brook on the left. Follow the footpath left into a small track through the middle of two fields. Follow the track and take the footpath on the left, after the gate, continuing to Hough Lane. There are lots of rabbits burrows along the hedge. Turn left at Hough Lane.

Take the footpath off Hough Lane, just after Big Brick Hill Farm. The entrance to this footpath is quite hidden and overgrown. Follow the path to the playing fields alongside the bypass. Walk down to the bottom of the playing fields and follow the route back to Harden Park across a stream by the A34 bypass and then around some fields. There are lots of unofficial paths through this area and I have included some of these along this route. Keep to the edge of fields and respect the farmer’s crops when using non-official routes. In recent times, some of the stiles have been blocked off. I'm not sure what this is about.

In wet weather lots of rain pools form in this area. There are many wild flowers along the hedgerow in the spring and summer. An excellent place for a walk at any time of the year.