Handforth Dean (May become a Housing Estate) (3.0 Miles)

This area of Handforth Dean may soon become a new housing estate, so see it while you can.

Park your car in the Handforth Dean Shopping Centre car park which is currently free, and take the footpath to Hall Road. Turn left into Hall Road and follow the track to the footbridge over the A34 bypass. Cross the bridge and enter the area of heathland. There is a public footpath running through this area and the course of this is included in a longer walk (Deanwater Hotel to Handforth Dean) However, there are lots of unofficial pathways through this area and I have chosen a route that takes in most of the many ponds in the area.

You may wonder what the large mown area is to the east of the heath. It's an area rented out to the Smithy Model Aircraft Club by the local council. The large building at the end of the road is a gym. Much of this area was previously a RAF camp.