Deanwater Hotel to Handforth Dean (4.2 miles)

This circular walk crosses greenbelt land at Handforth Dean which may soon be built on. This is a great shame as this area is pretty unspoiled.

Start at the Deanwater Hotel and continue alongWilmslow road towards Poynton. Take the footpath on the left, between the big houses, towards Church Lane. Turn left at Church Lane and then left onto the footpath to Blossoms Lane. There are some old turkey farms along Blossoms Lane.

Turn right at the intersection of two footpaths onto the footpath towards Dairy House Lane. Continue on to the now derelict Dairy House Farm. Turn left here just before the farm across fields towards the heath and the A34 bypass. Cross the heath and explore some of the many ponds dotted around the area. See another of my walks taking in most of the ponds (Handforth Dean)

Eventually, turn left with the bypass to your right and follow the footpath back towards Blossoms Lane. Turn right at Blossoms Lane, past another turkey farm on the left, and then some cottages on the right. Continue on through the Beech woods towards Handforth Road. Turn left at Handforth Road and take a left into Bowden House Lane. A little further down take the footpath on the right and head back towards the Deanwater Hotel and back to the start of the walk.