Cheshire Lounge Pub to Rostherne Church (6.5 miles)

I wouldn't recommend this walk at the moment because of the work taking place on the A556 which must have caused the path to be closed or diverted, I'll update the route when the roadworks are finished.

This walk crosses the very busy A556 twice and may not be suitable for young children. Begin at the Cheshire Lounge Pub just off the A556, Chester Road. Walk past the front of the pub towards the motorway and find the well hidden stile on the right and follow the path towards Coe Lane and turn then left. Follow the track and then turn left across the motorway bridge towards Hope Cottage. Follow the path to the left of Hope Cottage and cross cow fields towards Millington Lane.

When reaching Millington Lane continue straight ahead into Millington Hall Lane and follow this until reaching Chester Road (A556).

Cross the very busy Chester Road and follow the footpath down a track towards Denfield Hall Farm, If Chester Road is too busy to cross turn right out of Millington Hall Lane and walk down to the traffic lights and cross there. This will mean walking along a grass verge until you reach the path towards Denfield Hall Farm. Go through the gate at Denfield Hall Farm and veer left of the farm following the footpath across some fields towards Rostherne. Turn right at Rostherne Lane. You will see Rostherne Mere on the left through the woodland.

Once in the village stop off at the fine parish church on the left and then continue along Rostherne Lane and turn left past some quaint cottages into a Natural England car park and keep right on the path until joining Marsh Lane. Turn left at Marsh Lane and continue on until the crossroads at Birkinheath Lane. Turn right at the crossroads into Birkinheath Lane and then turn left along a small road towards Birkin House. Follow the footpath directly ahead at Birkin House and cross the river on the wooden footbridge. Take the path directly ahead and then turn right when reaching the motorway. Cross the footbridge over the motorway.

After crossing the motorway turn left and follow the path to Ryecroft Farm. Turn right at the small track and then left along the footpath. Turn left at the stile back towards Ryecroft Farm and then turn right and follow the River Bollin until reaching the footbridge on the left. Cross the bridge and turn right following the path between the M56 and the River Bollin. Cross the bridge over the motorway and proceed towards Yarwood Heath Farm. Take the footpath on the left just before reaching the farm. The footpath runs around the side of the farm and exits into Yarwood Heath Lane. Last time I walked this little stretch of the footpath around the farm I was chased by a large herd of cows. Follow Yarwood Heath Lane back to Chester Road. Carefully cross Chester Road back to the start of the walk.