Chelford Road to Knutsford Road

Turn off Chelford Road and park on the lane towards Little Moss Farm. Walk towards the farm and turn right down the footpath which has been diverted around the farm. Follow the path to the other side of Little Moss Farm and then across the middle of the field. Turn right before the hedge staying within the same field at the intersection of two footpaths and continue on until you see the stile into Wilmslow Golf Course. Carefully cross the golf course and turn right at Warford Lane.

Continue to Knutsford Road and turn right. After a short walk, turn right down the public footpath into what looks like a private driveway. Follow the footpath to Foden Lane and turn right towards Grange House Farm. Turn right towards the farm and veer left across a couple of fields back to the track near Little Moss farm. Turn left at the track and back to the start of the walk.