Castle Mill Lane to Kell House Farm (7.4 Miles)

Start the walk on Castle Mill Lane near Thors Green. Take a steep path down to the River Bollin, turn right and then left across the footbridge over the River Bollin. Turn left after crossing the footbridge and follow the path to the bridge under the motorway.

Follow the path along an scenic wooded route until reaching a small road and then turn left. There are some attractive houses along this road. Turn left along the signposted footpath into Hale Golf Course and follow the path until reaching a footbridge over the river. Cross the bridge and continue until reaching Castle Mill Lane. Turn right and continue on past Dairy House Farm, cross the railway bridge and take the footpath towards Ashley Hall. There are some lovely old buildings near Ashley Hall in a process of renovation.

Cross the motorway bridge and continue onto Ashley Road. Cross the road and turn left down the footpath past the cricket club and towards Arden House. There are lots of horses in the fields along this stretch near Stock Farm. If you are nervous of horses it might be better to plan your route around these fields along the country lanes.

Turn right before Arden House and then left at the little road towards Arden Hall. Keep straight ahead and take the footpath to Birtles Farm. The path leads right through the middle of Birtles Farm. Turn Left after the farm and head towards Kell House Farm along some open fields. Turn left at Kell House Farm and then right when you reach Pepper Street. Take the footpath to the left at the bend in the road and carefully cross the railway line. Head on to Breach House Lane and turn right. At the bend in the road turn left and continue straight on along the footpath and follow the footpath towards Castle Hill Farm through large fields. Turn left at the track leading to Castle Hill Farm. Turn left at Mill Lane and continue on to the start of the walk.