Bollington to White Nancy (5 miles)

This walk takes in Bollington Village, Macclesfield Canal and White Nancy along Kerridge Hill.

Start the walk by parking on Grimshaw Lane and follow the road down to the bridge under the canal. Walk up the steps on the left to the canal and turn right. Follow the canal and turn left at the third bridge and follow the well marked footpath towards Swancoe Lane.

Turn right at Kerridge Road and left onto Rainow road. Continue up the steep hill and turn left into Lidgetts Lane. The footpath up Kerridge Hill is on the right.

Follow the footpath up the hill and then along the ridge to White Nancy. Enjoy the wonderful views.

Take the steep footpath down from White Nancy onto Redway Lane and turn right. Turn right at Jackson Lane and follow the road around to the left into Grimshaw Lane and back to the start of the walk.